September 17, 2020

Kids Run the OC Marathon Challenge

About the Kids Run the OC Challenge

Kids Run the OC participants and coaches from 2020 will receive access to the challenge at no charge.
Additional parents, kids, and coaches can register for $25.00.


The duration of the challenge is 2.5 months. Registration will open on October 15, 2020 and participants can then start submitting miles. The challenge will last through the end of the year.



  • FITNESS - Run (or exercise) the equivalent of 26.2 miles along the OC Marathon course. If using exercise instead of running, every 10 minutes of exercise = 1 mile. As children complete their running/exercising, they will follow along on a map of the OC Marathon Course as a visual.
  • NUTRITION - Participate in 8 nutritional challenges to complete the nutrition part of the challenge.
  • EDUCATION - Participants will be asked to read 6 books to complete the education part of the challenge.

Participants will log their miles, books and nutritional challenges online via RunSignUp. Once completed, we will send a 3 piece Kids Run the OC Triathlon Challenge medal.  Participants who submit their photos on RunSignUp will be entered to win a prize pack!

We anticipate kids will be able to run at their house, in their neighborhood, or participate in exercises in their yard or inside the house. Kids who are currently in school can participate at PE or in their typical Kids Run the OC after school program.